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BREAKING: No More Ghost Rider at Hulu

BREAKING: Houston, we have a problem. The Ghost Rider TV series at Hulu will not be moving forward due to creative differences between Marvel and the network. Killing shows in development is nothing new to Hulu as they recently axed The Grisham Universe. However, this won't stop Gabriel Luna from appearing on Hellstrom if Marvel TV so chooses. I have a strong feeling this wasn't just an artistic decision but a financial one as well a la *Swamp Thing *on DC Universe.

Of course, the conspiracy theories will rise up now. Was this Kevin Feige's doing? According to my sources, hell no. Feige wouldn't have all that cast and crew lose their jobs in a last-minute decision to reserve GR for film. Jeph Loeb is no stranger to having his shows cancelled after they were greenlit like *Marvel's Most Wanted* and *New Warriors*, neither of which ended up on the silver screen, either.

Same as it ever was


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