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'Call Me By Your Name' Soundtrack is Therapeutic

Written by Chiara Rossi, Film Editor • Writer

Summer translated into music is the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack.

Right away, we are introduced to this world of whimsy and originality, immersed in what it’s like to be youthful and unknown. Every single track does the film justice; nothing is there just for show, not to mention that undeniable feel of class and grace. It makes you think and feel, and if the music makes you do that, it has done its job. With the welcoming tunes on the piano to the gentle vocals of Sufjan Stevens, you could say the soundtrack is therapeutic.

Each track serves a purpose. You can see the music progress with Elio throughout the film, eventually leading to the loss of his innocence. John Adams never fails to please. “Hallelujah Junction” helped set the right tone for the film at the beginning, the perfect introduction for the world we are about to experience. The choices of classical music written decades and decades ago was a good move, as opposed to filling it with modern pop singer hits that you find on repeat on the radio. Because then that won’t sound youthful, that will sound popular. It won’t be for Elio, or any of the characters in the movie. Stevens was meant to sing for this film. His vocals lend a specific visual for the it, initiating imagination between Elio and Oliver for the viewer. What they think and feel for one another, what will happen next between them, how can it unravel for when the time comes for Oliver to come home. The strumming of Elio’s guitar and the almost rebellious piano playing now makes me think of summer in Italy.

Every tune from Call Me By Your Name is sentimental, and that’s exactly the kind of purpose music has for film. I rarely see brilliant choices of music these days when it comes to building feelings for the big screen. So thank you to every single artist that had a hand to the brilliant and mesmerizing soundtrack for this movie.


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