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Cast Keanu Reeves As Wolverine - Or Just Clone Him

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It was said he will be in Eternals.

It was said he will be Moon Knight.

It was said he will be Kraven the Hunter.

MCU rumors follow Keanu Reeves like a group of flies lining up behind a pooch in the middle of dropping pipe. It's gotten to the point that Reeves will be attached to any Marvel character outside of Millie the Model. Obviously, Reeves will be unable to fulfill all fan wishful thinking or casting claims, accurate or not. It's public knowledge that Reeves loves comic books; he's even co-writing one, BRZRKR, with Matt Kindt, for Boom! Studios. In fact, if there's a sure bet for Reeves playing a comics character, it'd be the Berzerker, his own. But Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's revelation that he has spoken Reeves about joining the MCU continues the gossip treadmill.

At this point Reeves would need to be cloned to catch up with each Marvel character he's being linked to. While the Moon Knight rumor is rooted in fact, personally Reeves would be a Wolverine that can make the general public move past Hugh Jackman. He dreamed of being Wolverine when he was younger; at 56, he's older than Jackman, which might take him out of consideration as Marvel Studios would want a Wolverine who can snikt! for more than a decade. Then again, Reeves doesn't look his age. With the John Wick franchise, Reeves has solidified himself as among the most bad ass of action stars, and the distant stare and icy quietness of Wolverine fits him like a tailored Armani suit. But he could also deliver the same warmth to the character that Jackman did. Reeves would be Marvel Studios' best bet of striking box-office gold with Wolverine, even more than Tom Hardy, who is a fine choice nevertheless. If Reeves ends up as the new Wolverine, it would slash the Internet in half; pair him up with Deadpool in a movie, and over a billion would rain down.

As of now, I keep hearing that Marvel Studios is looking for a Wolverine younger than Jackman for the long term; however, I doubt they would turn Reeves down if he pursued it, and I wouldn't be startled if they asked him about it. In the meantime, Reeves will be rumored for every hero in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

Seriously, what next? Galactus?


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