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Chorus of Rumors gets louder about Feige Taking the Reins of Lucasfilm

On June 11, 2018, I posted the following privately to a select few on Facebook:

*I've been whispered to by numerous sources that if the next "Star Wars" film fails to meet Disney's projections, Kevin Feige will take over as the head of Lucasfilm while still remaining president of Marvel Studios.*

*Although Kathleen Kennedy has successfully revived the reputation of the "Star Wars" franchise after the critical and online bashing of the prequels, she's had problems managing her directors. She was lucky that "Rogue One" was saved but "Solo" was a behind-the-scenes fiasco. Disney feels that the original filmmakers on "Solo" would've never been able to get onto the set with Feige to begin with. Disney wants "Star Wars" to expand its universe like the MCU, and they feel that Kennedy doesn't have the kind of vision that Feige, a massive "Star Wars" fan, has.*

*Disney wants to attract young people to "Star Wars" without alienating older fans; however, "The Last Jedi" really may have bruised the franchise's aging core in its effort to attract the kids. They believe that Feige knows how to balance the two as "Black Panther" and "The Infinity War" won over young and old, left and right. They don't like polarizing. If Feige takes over, expect only one "Star Wars" movie a year so it won't be saturated. They'll be special events.*

UPDATE: The chorus of rumors is becoming louder with Feige taking the reins of Lucasfilm. *Star Wars* is Feige's first love, and the beloved franchise needs his Midas touch. How would this work? I am hearing that Feige could head the creative direction of *Star Wars* while placing heavy hitters below him that would manage Lucasfilm's day-to-day operations so he'd still be free for Marvel Studios. It'll be a delicate balancing act. Feige feels that the Expanded Universe should not be ignored but mixed and mashed with *Star Wars* continuity much in the same way the MCU does with the Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age versions of Marvel characters with the *Ultimate* universe. The reshuffling of Lucasfilm will begin to take shape in 2020. Stay tuned.

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