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'CZsWorld' YouTube Channel a Delight for Horror Fans

Written by Chiara Rossi • Film Editor • Writer

Welcome to the first ever Geekosity Spotlight, a monthly highlight of a creator whose content we believe deserves internet recognition. The first edition is also a Halloween special, with the chosen creator being one that focuses on horror-related content, CZsWorld from YouTube.

Run by independent video creator Zac Morris, his videos delve into a wonderland of horror and humor, a blend he conjured up with his personality and love of horror films. His friendly demeanor and laid-back attitude make his content approachable, and he is also very informative and observant. This can be evident in his long-running series, “Things You Missed,” where he lists down interesting trivia, references, and Easter eggs in horror films, from the classics to mainstream favorites. It is always interesting to hear what he caught in these films and might just encourage you to give it a second watch. Another must-watch from him is his “Horror History” videos, another staple of his channel. The series gives you further insight about horror characters you know and he doesn’t fail to give love to characters that aren’t central to the film.

This is no ordinary film trivia channel with a bit of ranting at the screen; Morris offers much, much, more. These creations are truly a delight for horror fans, and his content is well-received for being well-made and well-researched. Truly an invisible man on YouTube, Morris deserves more love. His growing fanbase will soon help him get more recognition and we cannot wait to spiral down even further into what he can put out next. This horror channel is the final destination for horror fans; it’s really hard to top this kind of quality. We will get the best horror content YouTube has to offer from CZsWorld, assuming we all subscribe.


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