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DC Films Moving Towards 'Pocket Universes'

Without a shared overall cinematic universe, what does DC Films do? A series of non-connected "pocket universes." The Matt Reeves Batman trilogy will be a Batman Family universe separate from the Snyder Age. No Superman or the Flash or Aquaman -- just characters associated with the Dark Knight. If successful, you can spin off Catwoman or Batgirl from that. Shazam! is the Marvel Family. Supergirl will eventually have a new Superman, not Henry Cavill. Birds of Prey will essentially be the Gotham City Sirens. Green Lantern will be the Corps. Then you'll have Elseworlds R-rated fire such as Joker with their own filmmakers' visions.

Of course, none of this should be confused with Greg Berlanti's TV versions which are also set in separate universes.

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