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Debunking the MCU Casting Myth

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

It's been claimed numerous times, and each time without roots in an actual statement or pattern of behavior. The theory is this: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will recast any Marvel character that was originally handled by another company or producer. Therefore, Daredevil and the Punisher will have to return with different actors. Apparently, Feige is so egocentric and petty that he needs actors of his own choosing, no matter if they excelled previously. Wrong.

As I've stated over the years in social media, Feige didn't become hugely successful by being so narcissistic that no other creative visions of Marvel characters beside his own have validity. Despite that Ryan Reynolds will enter the MCU as Deadpool, or that Patrick Stewart publicly revealed he had met with Feige about portraying Professor X again, the click-bait speculation persisted. And that is how so many bogus pieces on Daredevil no longer being Charlie Cox were spawned. In the end, it will be about scheduling and contract negotiations and not some selfish desire by Feige to discard what worked in the past to satisfy his own self-interest.

Jamie Foxx's signing onto Spider-Man 3 as Electro shocked those who believed that myth. Feige is a fan of Foxx's acting; that is no secret. Whether this Electro is part of that earlier Sony Spider-Verse or not, sources tell me that Feige wanted Foxx for the role as he felt there was unfulfilled potential in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Foxx is an Oscar winner, and the MCU is packed with them. Sony didn't shove this decision down his throat; does anyone think someone as powerful as Feige would allow that to happen?

Feige will not toss out what did well before, and he won't trash what he feels could have been better under his supervision, either. You'd think J.K. Simmons coming back as J. Jonah Jameson would've blown such falsehoods to smithereens.

Let the past die? Not Feige if he sees there's a future in it.


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