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Excalibur Coming to the MCU

Excalibur is coming to the MCU. Based on the Chris Claremont/Alan Davis comic-book series, Excalibur will be a hybrid of fantasy and comedy featuring time travel, magic, and superheroics. This is part of Kevin Feige's grand plan to inject new creative blood into the mutant franchise. If you're wondering why Marvel Studios is introducing the Black Knight in The Eternals, this relatively obscure character is part of a larger overall goal, an X-Men offshoot that will be radically different from the main mutant films they will produce. Not only that, but it provides Captain Britain opportunities to soar. Imagine the MCU filtered through Time Bandits with a dash of Monty Python British humor.

How long will it take for this appear? It'll be a few years as this is gradually being mapped out. Fox sat on this for so long, a goldmine sitting in the attic.

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