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Exclusive: Amber Heard Could Have Mera Solo Film

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Amber Heard just might fill Warner Bros.' need for more female superhero movies with a Mera solo film.

Online petitions and negative social-media chatter aside, Heard co-starred in Aquaman, the first of DC Films' releases to generate $1 billion worldwide. That was just two years ago. 2018's Aquaman earned $335,061,807 in the U.S. per Box Office Mojo and a mammoth $813,424,079 overseas (no pun intended).

Sources inform me that if Warner Bros. is able to look away from Ezra Miller's choking incident video, then it shouldn't be a shock they would do the same for Heard. They've already proven that with Heard officially stating that she would be filming Aquaman 2 despite Internet outrage to have her fired.

Warner Bros. is not taking any of the Twitter, YouTube, and petition campaigns to have Heard removed seriously. An insider explained that:

"They see it no differently than the boycott of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel film, which proved to be ineffective as it brought in over a billion to Disney. They believe it's artificially inflated and most likely politically motivated. They don't base their decisions on web chatter."

I reported before about increased screen time for Heard in Aquaman 2 and her possible addition to the Justice League roster. Warner Bros. is attempting to catch up with Marvel Studios who have Captain Marvel and now Black Widow as female-fronted theatrical movies without the R rating of Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.

In that sense, DC Films has Wonder Woman and nothing else planned for the cinemas with at least a PG-13 rating to reel in the kids. Furthermore, shouldn't DC Films spin off a billion-dollar movie like Aquaman into others? Yes, there's The Trench in development but that will be more of a horror film to attract a relatively smaller crowd. Silver-screen versions of Batgirl and Supergirl were once hyped to the press but remain question marks.

Whether Heard can deliver such numbers on her own is certainly a concern. But from the beginning Warner Bros. saw the potential in Mera as a female Aquaman that could solidify their attempt at diversity while raking in big bucks.

To be clear, no Mera solo feature has been greenlit yet. There's still the issue of ex-husband Johnny Depp's upcoming $50 million court case against Heard in the U.S. and what the outcome of that would be. Nevertheless, they are discussing it, and this could gain momentum.

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