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Exclusive: Deadpool to Fight Popular Villain in MCU

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Deadpool will enter the MCU rudely, dropping F-bombs and decapitated bodies. With appropriately inappropriate one-liners, of course. When he is annoying the Avengers or Spider-Man, Deadpool will be PG-13 just as he is in Marvel Comics. However, when Deadpool is rocking solo, he is going to be R rated with the 20 Century Studios logo hiding the fact that Disney is bankrolling this punk. This wouldn't be the first time. In 1986, Disney released the rated R comedy Down and Out in Beverly Hills under the Touchstone Films label.

Ignore the click-bait claiming that Marvel Studios is shelving Deadpool, tossing him in the attic like a hidden porn stash of shame. Deadpool is coming. Kevin Feige isn't going to jump the gun on any project for the sake of being impatient. While no screenwriters or directors are attached to Deadpool 3 yet, the creative engines are beginning to rev up. Feige plans the directions of his characters months or years in advance. You don't arrive at Endgame without mapping it from the beginning, Point A to Point Z.

Where Deadpool will end up remains to be seen as development is early. Nevertheless, sources tell me that Taskmaster will meet and fight Deadpool in his first MCU movie. And it will be the beginning of a twisted friendship between the two, something that is going to evolve throughout the franchise.

Whereas Taskmaster will exist behind PG-13 restrictions in Black Widow, he is going to be pushed to the max in future Deadpool movies.


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