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Exclusive: HBO Max Wants Gal Gadot to Guest on 'Wonder Girl' Series

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

The streaming wars can be a wonderful thing. Or Wonderful, if the latest rumor about HBO Max materializes.

I am hearing that HBO Max would like to spin off Greg Berlanti's live-action Titans TV series into a new show that could feed off from the DCEU. There have been discussions of a Wonder Girl solo show with Conor Leslie again playing the character. Spoiler alert: Wonder Girl was killed in Season Two of Titans with her body taken back to Themyscira so she could be resurrected. Well, she will be.

AT&T is pumping millions into HBO Max, and they want DC programs that could capitalize on the success of their cinematic counterparts. They feel that a Wonder Girl show would be a way of capturing the fans of the Wonder Woman movie franchise.

After all, Marvel Studios is doing the same with a number of shows on Disney+ branching out of billion-dollar Avengers films. Wonder Girl, like Titans, won't be connected with Zack Snyder's DCEU but part of the multiverse; nevertheless, AT&T would like for Gal Gadot to make an appearance, a small-scale version of how Disney is reeling in MCU actors for their new series. How Gadot can cross over will be a post-Flash movie explanation.

With theaters still closed due to the pandemic, HBO Max is becoming increasingly ambitious with their programming, and they will go all out against Disney+.


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