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Exclusive: 'Iron Fist' Headed to the Big Screen?

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On October 12, I reported that the live-action rights to Iron Fist had been returned to Disney from Netflix. In that same article, I discussed the possibility of Iron Fist appearing in the Shang-Chi franchise. As I stressed then, it won't be in the first movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with its Asian cast.

Talks continue about his future, and Marvel Studios is currently seeing a plan for him beyond streaming TV. If Shang-Chi is the massive success Disney is hoping for, Iron Fist is waiting in the wings to be their next martial arts blockbuster. Keeping the character on Disney+, Hulu, or FX would leave money on the table if the market is hungry enough for martial arts IPs.

Shang-Chi 2 is looking increasingly like the movie for Iron Fist to make his cinematic debut. The chances of Finn Jones reprising the role are dim, though.

According to my sources, Kevin Feige was not particularly impressed with Netflix' Iron Fist. Out of all the Defenders series on Netflix, it certainly had the most polarized response by the fans and the critics weren't exactly knocked out, either. Limited in budget and lacking in the intense and believable fight choreography to pull it off, Iron Fist simply didn't fulfill its potential.

With a new actor, Iron Fist would be the perfect rival for Shang-Chi in the cinemas. I'm told that Marvel Studios is visualizing a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris fight recalling 1972's Return of the Dragon (or Way of the Dragon). Iron Fist won't be a villain; after all, Marvel superheroes battling each other is a comics tradition going back decades before Civil War.

For Iron Fist's solo movies, if they are greenlit, Marvel Studios is heavily interested in adapting the acclaimed run by writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction with artist David Aja.

I originally scooped Iron Fist in the Shang-Chi franchise on Lords of the Longbox with Tim Vo last year:

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