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Exclusive: Oscar Isaac's Contract Includes 'Avengers' Movies

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As with any actor who is chosen by Marvel Studios, Oscar Isaac's signing as Moon Knight will go beyond Disney+. According to various sources, Isaac's contract will include theatrical films. That means Isaac will appear in a future Avengers movie, perhaps more.

Marvel Studios feels that Isaac has untapped potential from the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Certainly, his character Poe Dameron didn't have the impact he should've had; he had The Next Han Solo written all over him. But that wasn't Issac's fault at all. Isaac won a Best Actor Golden Globe in 2015 for HBO's Show Me a Hero. He's much more than a handsome face but a true actor with a superstar future. Insiders tell me that Disney view him as the next Harrison Ford, a true matinee idol with real acting chops.

Moon Knight should propel Isaac into Hollywood's top talents, and being added to the Avengers will lift him over the top. Moon Knight will deliver some streetwise grit to the Avengers, an unpredictable force with multiple personalities.

I initially scooped Moon Knight in the Avengers back in May (see link below). Isaac will make his joining a huge deal.

The future of the MCU is opening up before our eyes.

Let the fireworks begin.

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Related: https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/05/27/new-rumor-details-how-moon-knight-disney-plus-series-fits-in-with-the-mcu/


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