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Exclusive: Tom Holland Considered for 'Star Wars'

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When hugely successful properties are owned by the same company, it's inevitable that actors well-known for one would get rumored for the other. Such is the case of the MCU and Star Wars, two of Disney's biggest toys.

Chris Evans and Brie Larson have been the subjects of rumors, leaping from Marvel Studios to Lucasfilm. Of course, there have been actors who've already done both such as Samuel L. Jackson and, most recently, Oscar Isaac.

According to a source, Lucasfilm is considering Tom Holland for an upcoming Star Wars role. It is currently unknown if this is for Disney+ or a theatrical movie. With Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige producing a future Star Wars movie, you have to wonder if this is related somehow.

The MCU's Spider-Man films made Holland a household name, and Disney sees him as an even bigger star who could have several franchises to feed.

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