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Filipino-American Jacob Batalon: Future Spider-Man Villain?

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For those familiar with Spider-Man comic books, bad luck always lurks in the shadows for Peter Parker. His life is about overcoming personal and professional obstacles, both as a superhero and as an ordinary person. In the MCU, his best friend Ned Leeds becoming a villain would be the ultimate knife stab in the heart.

In the comics, Leeds became the Hobgoblin, among Spidey's most dangerous and creepiest foes. Played in the new Spider-Man films by Filipino-American Jacob Batalon, Leeds is the most lovable of buddies, not someone anyone would expect to turn evil. However, Batalon's recent dramatic weight loss has fans' Spidey sense tingling, wondering if he's getting in shape to be the Hobgoblin. They may not be far off. On May 23, I scooped on the Pete's Basement YouTube channel (embedded below) that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige wants him to be a primary foe in a Spider-Man movie, probably the fourth installment. At the time, I was told that the Hobgoblin wasn't going to be attached to Leeds; however, Batalon's slimmer figure has me curious, too, especially with the timing, shortly before Spider-Man 3 hits the cameras.

Will the Hobgoblin be in Spider-Man 3? As I reported before, he was discussed to appear in Spider-Man 4. I sincerely doubt that Leeds would suddenly transform into the Hobgoblin in 3. Feige always opts for the build-up. Nothing has been confirmed yet but new puzzle pieces are forming.

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