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Galactus to Gradually Build to an MCU Big Bad

He is not a villain; he is merely hungry, a cosmic God with an appetite for planets.

In the MCU, Galactus will finally be shown in his Jack Kirby glory, a regal, ethereal figure. He is also morally grey, one who would rather consume uninhabited planets to feed on unless, of course, there is no alternative at the moment. Sure, enough, Galactus will destroy worlds with billions of lives, striking terror throughout space. According to my sources, currently the plan is to not have Galactus be the Big Bad until the third Fantastic Four movie. Until then, he will be teased, built up. When Galactus appears, he is going to have the Silver Surfer temporarily with him. "Temporarily" because, spoiler alert, the Surfer will betray him, only to have Johnny Storm's girlfriend Frankie Raye take his place. There's no script or filmmakers attached yet but the game plan is being outlined. Fantastic Four 3 is just the beginning for Galactus, as he will take an even larger role in Secret Wars.

Thank you to The Cosmic Wonder for covering this scoop. Video below:


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