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GMA Actress Bianca Umali Astonishes with Soulful Vocals on Debut Single

"How can someone so young/Sing words so sad?" Morrissey once sang. For 20-year-old actress Bianca Umali, it seems like a perfect marriage, the blissful union of melancholic lyrics with a voice that brims with romantic yearning. On the Philippine TV drama Sahaya, Umali captured the wounded emotions and profound sorrow of a young woman lost in the growing pains of first love and the shattered pieces of family conflict. The warm rasp of her voice radiated a sense of loss. So it's not surprising that her debut single as a vocalist, "Kahit Kailan" (English: "Anytime"), utilizes an appealing characteristic of her talent. Yet it's quite astonishing to see such a newcomer to pop music deliver a performance with remarkable confidence, deep feelings, and a startling ability to abruptly shift from depression to hope.

Slickly and cleanly produced and arranged like the top OPM (Original Pilipino Music) ballads, Umali's soulful vocals are remarkably subtle and effective. There are no histrionics here; what she delivers is honest emotion. "Kahit Kailan" is basically about an ex whose heart has been broken by another person; she is expressing not only her compassion but a confession that the doors are open for reconciliation. When Umali hits the uplifting chorus, it is the prime hook of the song and she sounds both soothing and bittersweet. Repeated spins only heightens the catchy and moving qualities of the track. As an actress, Umali has already proven herself as a class act; as a singer, "Kahit Kailan" reveals she has another gift that's just been opened.

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