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Review: Green Day Father Of All Motherf*ck*rs (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

I am trying to compose this as constructively and objectively as I can possibly muster. Father Of All Motherf*ck*rs is Green Day’s short stab attempt at a rock n’ roll salute. It’s their take on an "old time-y rock n' roll album tracing the history of rock n' roll" according to lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong. Sure, they have their roots in punk but they're way past that. Is it safe to surmise that they’ve evolved?

Green Day has always been about being punk flavored. Their debut album Dookie was a punk flavored pop masterpiece prefabricated for the teeny mallpunks who frequented Hot Topic and like their “punk” watered down. Perhaps the best way to digest this is to forget GD's previous sins and just concentrate on the here and now. Given no point of comparison, these songs aren't half bad. They have a garage rock vibe going here, with smatterings of Glam and a Motown-ish strain here and there.

Fire Ready Aim has a shindig-y feel replete with piano and woo-oo backup vocals.

The Gary Glitter-ish Oh Yeah sounds fresh with its thundering drums and heavily reverbed chanting. The straight ahead Mitch Ryder-ish Stab You In The Heart is jet propelled rock n' roll, while I Was A Teenage Teenager and Sugar Youth is formulaic GD fare safely swinging back to the tried and tested.

If I were to listen to this album with a grain of salt, might as well throw in some lemons and a bottle of tequila while you're at it. Overall, Father is a good time record, meant to be listened to as a stand alone, not to be compared to their previous efforts.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


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