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Review: Hasbro Walmart Exclusive G.I. Joe 3 ¾” Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor • Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasures are the Hasbro G.I. Joe Walmart Exclusive 3 ¾” Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Figures. I was surprised to find these in a Walmart in Pittsburgh PA recently and am grateful for that. The Walmart near where I live has only had Snake Eyes and finding him there has been sporadic at best. I try to be very selective in what I’m collecting and have decided NOT to pursue the six inch G.I. Joe line, but when I saw these two smaller scale figures, I couldn’t pass them up.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have a long history together. They became friends while serving together in Vietnam. After the war, Snake Eyes eventually flew to Japan and joined Storm Shadow’s ninja clan: Arashikage. After Storm Shadow’s uncle, the Hard Master, was murdered and Storm Shadow appeared to be guilty, the clan disbanded and Snake Eyes found himself back in the U.S. living a life of seclusion before his recruitment into the G.I. Joe Elite Counterterrorism team.

The clan “brothers” were destined to meet again as Storm Shadow became Cobra Commander’s personal bodyguard. We learn later that he joined Cobra to learn the identity of the intruder who killed the Hard Master. Through the years Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have fought both against one another and on the same side. One thing is for certain, when these two ninja clash, the battle is sure to be exciting and the outcome unpredictable.

I remember when G.I. Joe was first reintroduced in the smaller 3 ¾” scale back in the 1980’s. I had just started buying Joe comic books and was excited when the figures came out. When Storm Shadow first appeared in the epic “Silent Interlude” issue (G.I. Joe #21) I was immediately hooked on this mysterious character. I had already decided Snake Eyes was the coolest character out there and now we got to meet his opposite who was even more awesome!

When the first Storm Shadow figure was released, I remember begging my mother to drive me to HIlls Department Store, where I eagerly plunked down my hard earned $2.97 plus tax for the baddest looking figure I’d ever seen. 36 years later, I will admit to feeling the same excitement upon finding these two at Walmart. The first thing that struck me with both figures was the sheer amount of accessories that came with both.

Snake Eyes comes with 14 total accessories: 2 pistols, 1 Uzi, his ammo satchel, 2 knives, 2 pipe grenades, 1 longsword, 2 Katana Swords, 2 sheathes, and 1 long rifle. (Sadly, my figure did NOT have the rifle in the package and I didn’t realize it was missing until I began researching for this article.) He also has a display stand with the Joe logo and his name  on it. I have been able to attach ALL but one pistol and pipe grenade to the various holsters and ports on this figure.

Storm Shadow comes with a WHOPPING 17 accessories!!! He has a quiver which ports on his back, 1 Bow, 1 Arrow, 2 Ninja-Do style swords, 1 pair of Sai, 1 pair of Kubotan spiked fighting sticks, 1 pair Nunchaku, 2 Shuriken throwing stars, 2 Kunai fighting knives, 1 throwing dart pack, 1 Tessen Steel War Fan, and a red obi/sash.

Unlike Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow lacks the ability to carry all of these weapons. The swords, bow, and arrow fit in the quiver/sheath attachment, which also has smaller ports on the back that will hold his Sai or Nunchaku weapons. To be fair, I’m still examining the figure so perhaps I’ll find other methods to attach his various accessories. I’m super impressed by the fact that Hasbro can create such amazing accessories for these smaller scale figures. I understand it’s more cost effective to create on a smaller scale, but dang, I’d love to see this much attention given to accessories for their larger scale lines (READ: MARVEL LEGENDS). 

Both of these figures look very, very impressive. We’ll start with Snake Eyes. To say that the attention to detail applied to this figure is phenomenal is an understatement. I’ve seen larger scale figures without as much detail as he has. Firstly, he is molded in both matte and gloss black and the difference between the two really helps accent this figure. His sweater is textured… yes… a 3 ¾” figure with TEXTURED detail!!! His belt, web gear straps, holsters, sheathes and equipment pouches are highly detailed and I’m astounded at how much sculpting has gone into a figure this scale.

This is art, in action figure form. Everything from his ridged visor down to the laces on his combat boots looks incredible and gives the feel of a real commando in military gear. I tip my hat to the artist that created this piece. Please send this person to your larger scale figures!

Storm Shadow’s appearance is actually based on his absolute first appearance in the early pages of G.I. Joe #21 (Silent Interlude). We are used to him having bare arms, with the wrapped wrist bands, yet in his initial appearance, he had long sleeves. Midway though the book, we see him in what will be his most recognizable outfit.

Anyhow, his white ninja gi looks fantastic. There are definitely parts and accessories re-used from the Ultimate Storm Shadow figure, and Red Ninja Figures released with the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie line. That being said, he still looks really impressive and when stood next to Snake Eyes is very striking. The paint schemes on both are exceptionally well done, although I did notice a little “flesh bleed” on Storm Shadow’s hand and wrist pieces. Nothing major, but just enough to be noticeable. 

As far as articulation goes, I’m very astonished at the amount of movement available in figures of this scale. Both figures feature significant points of articulation. Both heads will turn, AND look up or down, Arms rotate 360 and shoulders will raise the arms out to their sides almost parallel to the ground! Both figures have single jointed elbows, that bend in pretty far and wrists that turn and hinge! Both figures will also pivot at mid-torso, have legs that will do impressive splits, kick forward and back quite far, double jointed knees that will actually bend impressively and hinged ankles that feature great movement. 

On the whole, I really, really like these guys. They are definitely a wonderful throwback to my youth, even if the price is over FOUR TIMES the amount it was in 1984! At the price point of $12.99 each, these two figures each earn 4 ToyBoxes out of 5.

Thanks for reading and check back next time when we crack open the toy box and bust out the Marvel Legends Abomination BAF Wave Gamerverse Iron Man!!! Until then… GEEK OUT!!!


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