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Holy Fake News, Batman!

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Even Batman can't prevent fake news.

Weeks after Vanity Fair revealed on September 3, 2020 that Robert Pattinson had COVID-19, resulting in Matt Reeves' The Batman halting production, a particularly nasty rumor infected the web. Pattinson, it was said, was a problem child on the set and wasn't muscular enough for the role so he was sent packing for home. This was awfully similar to the Mandalorian rumor about Pedro Pascal, which didn't make sense, either. The plot holes on this report were apparent from its inception. If Pattinson wasn't bulky enough, the producers would have known about that long before cameras started to roll. Reeves already had shot enough of the movie to cut a teaser trailer; after all that, he suddenly realized that Pattinson needed to bulk up?

Quite ridiculous, wouldn't you say?

After being asked by numerous readers about the accuracy of these claims, I reached out to my sources who dismissed them immediately. In fact, they'd never heard of the accusations until they circulated through social media. Negativity delivers the goods with clicks, and thus explains the proliferation of such misinformation. Obviously, the casting of Pattinson is polarizing fans, and it feeds into the narrative of some wanting to see this project fail. Simultaneously, it can scare those who do care a la the "Spider-Man leaving the MCU" myth from a year ago that I debunked and catapulted me to where I am now.

I'm not here to chastise those who are circulating this; believe what you choose to. But Pattinson was photographed on the set of The Batman today in Liverpool, England, and the questions popped up again. Instead of ignoring them, I felt there was only one proper way of disposal.

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