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Imagine a World Without Superman

Imagine a world without Superman.

Wait, isn't that the world will live in now? Why would I want to see that?

Humor me: it's DC. In a competition for bad comic-book film ideas, DC and Sony are like two old ladies fighting for front-row seats to a Barry Manilow concert. I didn't want to have this get lost in my first DC scoop today, so I will take this space to elaborate on it further.

Warner Bros. is considering a Lex Luthor film. No Man of Steel; he's pure fiction in this alternate universe. To WB, this has the potential of being a modern-day Citizen Kane. You see Luthor grow up from being an awkward intellectual kid to corrupt wealthy businessman to president of the United States. Slap on an R rating and leave the comic books behind but perhaps put a twist on the myth such as making Lois Lane his First Lady, but also the reporter who brings him down.

It's a political tragedy that screams Oscar bait, which WB is desiring heavily with Joker. While Luthor doesn't have the flash and manic colors of the Joker, WB sees this as a project that can reap accolades and huge BO from adults with the right writer and director and actors. Somebody along the lines of Bryan Cranston, for example, who can tear up the screen.

Will this be greenlit? Too early to say; however, if they can attract top-drawer talent, WB will jump on it like a fat kid on a ho-ho.

From people I've spoken to, they'd love to do this, and *Joker *is giving them more confidence.

So how would you feel if a Luthor standalone film was released before another Superman movie?

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