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Jamie Foxx Deletes Possible 'Spider-Man 3' Spoiler on IG

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What was once news becomes obsolete in a matter of minutes. After confirming that he is playing Electro in the as-yet untitled Spider-Man 3 on his Instagram, Foxx revealed that "I won't be blue in this one." In other words, the Marvel Studios version of Electro might not be the same as in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Since yesterday's report of Foxx cast in Spider-Man 3, fans have debated whether or not he is playing the original Electro or a Kevin Feige reboot. This would seem to hint at the latter unless Electro is simply given a visual makeover.

But then Foxx deleted his post (screenshot below).

Did Feige's security guards take it down? That wouldn't be a shock.



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