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Jane Foster Will Not Be the Only One Worthy of Holding Mjolnir

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JULY 4 SCOOP JAM (Text Version): Jane Foster will not be the only one worthy of holding Mjolnir.

Thor: Love and Thunder is enveloped in mystery despite rampant speculation of certain characters appearing. The Silver Surfer was debunked not too long ago, but Beta Ray Bill remains a question mark. According to my inside sources, Beta Ray Bill will be coming to the MCU without a doubt. Whether that will be Love and Thunder is still an unanswered question; nevertheless, it seems quite likely.

However, there is one thing that is supposedly inevitable: Beta Ray Bill will take Mjolnir away from Thor.

Written and illustrated by Walt Simonson in The Mighty Thor No. 337 in 1983, the debut of Beta Ray Bill is considered one of comics' all-time game changers, and Marvel Studios has been wanting to adapt this story arc for years.

Fans may see it sooner than they think. (Originally broadcast on Mavieuty Life.)

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