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Joss Whedon being discussed for MCU X-Men Film

The X-Men film is still a few years off from in the MCU schedule. However, mutants will begin appearing in various films and TV programs with the *Doctor Strange* sequel looking more likely an MCU debut for one or two. But what of the movie?

Again, it's early. However, the name being discussed quite often to possibly write and direct the initial X-Men film is a familiar one: **Joss Whedon**. The Russo Brothers may have replaced Whedon as the MCU's favorite son(s), but it was Whedon's *The Avengers *that really took the MCU into the wild blue yonder.

Whedon's keen wit and familiarity and affection for the characters has had Marvel Studios longing for him to helm Charles Xavier's students, long before their acquisition of Fox. Age of Ultron may have left Whedon mentally and physically exhausted, but the main reasons for that are long gone now. No discussions or offers as of yet that I'm aware of, but for Marvel Studios X marks the spot for Whedon.

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