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Justice Society Film to Spin-Off of Black Adam

The DCEU is dead; long live the DCEU. Warner Bros. was initially set to abandon the concept of a connected cinematic universe. This is no secret. The upcoming Batman trilogy has no relation Shazam! or Joker or the Snyder-spawned survivors Aquaman and Wonder Woman franchises. With Joker smashing $1 billion global, WB was convinced this was the way to go, especially since they didn't have their own Kevin Feige to weave it all together (at this point, Greg Berlanti should be cast as the Invisible Man).

However, not everyone at WB agreed with that path. Marvel Studios will continue to dominate with their superhero kingdom especially with Disney+ as part of their arsenal. And there's only so many Black Label R-rated villain movies they could rake in billions with. With no Justice League, WB was left without an Avengers of their own.

Back in July, my colleague the Black Knight and I scooped on Lords of the Longbox that the Justice Society would be introduced in the Black Adam film, months before anyone else. But little did I know this was part of a larger picture.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League for HBO Max will be a final farewell to that polarizing era of DC Films. The Justice League will live on, yes, but not with many of those same actors although Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot are safe. However, what WB wants to do initially is spin off the Justice Society from Black Adam into their own movie if it succeeds as they expect. The purpose of this is for WB to take another shot at a superhero team film without the baggage of Justice League.

The blueprint for the Justice Society will be the Geoff Johns/Dave Goyer run that made an old team cool for a contemporary audience.

So who will be behind the curtains of the new DCEU? I was skeptical of this happening initially as I heard he wanted to focus on his own IP after working on two huge, iconic franchises -- Star Wars and Star Trek -- for other companies but WB wants J.J. Abrams to take over. However, no deal has been struck yet from what I've been told.

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