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Marvel Discussing Teaming Up Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds

SCOOP - 12/18/19: In case you're wondering about the date, this is when this leak of mine hit YouTube on Lords of The Long Box during our scoop jam. Video below.

They've been joking about it for years, but insiders tell me that the possibility of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds onscreen as Wolverine and Deadpool is no laughing matter. Disney wants to offer Jackman truckloads of cash to return as Logan one more time to face Deadpool in an R-rated buddy picture, kind of a 48 Hours with mutants. It's just in the discussion stage at this point, and there has been no deal set with Jackman yet. It would be a hilarious sendoff to the Fox Marvel universe wherein Deadpool time travels to the past when Jackman's Logan was still alive. Will Jackman do it? No doubt this would be the biggest hit of his career if he says yes.

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