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Marvel Legends Review: Spider-Man Retro Wave: Spider-Man

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back to Dan’s ToyBox! Let’s crack the lock and open the lid. Today’s toybox find is the Marvel Legends 6 inch Retro Wave Spider-Man. Peter Parker was a shy, nerdy kid in high school. One day while attending an exhibit on radiation, Peter was bitten by a spider, which had unwittingly been exposed to the radioactive waves. Peter gained the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of the arachnid. Armed with his trusty web shooters, and ability to cling to walls and galvanized by his Uncle Ben’s mantra “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” Peter fights crime as the Amazing Spider-Man!

Spidey is free from his packaging and this may be the best Spider-Man figure yet!!! Let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

I will be the first to admit… I was super geeked up when I saw the retro wave announcement. I’m one of the few people on the face of the earth that DOESN’T own the “Pizza Spidey” figure. At the time it was released, I wasn’t buying or collecting to the level I am now. This Spider-Man is, honestly, my be all, end all, favorite Marvel Legend Spider-Man figure! I have to give a special shout out to my wife, because it was HER suggestion that I order a case of the Retro Wave from Big Bad Toy Store. So, watch for more Retro Wave reviews!!!!

Spidey is a mix of new and old body parts and features an abdomen AND WAIST crunch that will help get the webslinger into some *ahem* Spectacular poses! I am stoked at how well this figure turned out. Of course, with the awesome, there also comes some “not awesome” issues with this figure. Let’s take a look at his appearance and accessories first.

Spidey comes with two heads… one with wider “open” eye lenses, and the other with more narrow eye lenses. They are very indicative of the art styles of both John Romita and Steve Ditko and both heads look *ahem* Amazing on the figure. I honestly can’t make up my mind as to how to display him, so I alternate the heads. Let me know below which version YOU like on your Spidey. He also comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands, one pair of fisted hands, the other a pair of “Thwipping” hands. NO WALL CRAWLING HANDS?!? WTF HASBRO?!? If any figure SCREAMS for wall crawling hands, it’s this one. Yes, you can swap them for wall crawling hands from most any of the other Legends Spideys… but please note the red paint deco on this is very deep and may not match other hands. Speaking of paint deco…

The red and blue on this figure are exceptionally well done. I cannot stop looking at him on my display stand, and comparing him to the other Spider-Men figures around him. These colors look as if they jumped right off the page and are very vibrant. The web patterns on the figure are clean and precise. There is no shading on the figure, but it’s not really an issue for me, anyhow as the sculpt gives great definition and the shadows cast when this figure is near a light source serve to highlight the musculature very nicely. The spider emblem on the chest though, is to me, a little too small for my liking. That being said, it is accurate to how a retro drawn Spider-Man would look and the red spider logo on his back, though not sculpted, looks very nicely done. There is just a bit of blue “bleed through,”, but not enough to bother me too much. 

Spider-Man fits right in to scale with the rest of your Marvel Legends, as he stands at about 6.5 inches tall.

The articulation on this Spider-Man is one of the high points for me!  His head turns side to side and has an excellent downward and upward looking range of motion. However, his terrific upward motion does come with a drawback. Hasbro introduced a small cut in the back of Spidey’s neck, in order for the ball peg to tilt further back. While this makes for more dynamic posing, especially for web swinging, wall climbing, and jumping poses, once you tilt Spidey’s head full up, there is a VERY LARGE gap underneath his chin. You will have to be creative in taking pictures in order to keep the gap hidden. Additionally, there is a degree of head “tilt” giving Spidey some “attitude”. His arms raise out to his side well below 90 degrees, which is disappointing and his shoulders offer a full 360 degree rotation. Spider-Man does have some beautiful butterfly joints at the shoulders which allow significant forward and backward movement, allowing for some great swinging poses.

Spidey also has a bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and wrist pivot and hinges on both pairs of hands. As I mentioned earlier, Hasbro has done a nice job engineering his ab and waist crunch, allowing this figure to get into some tight poses, much like his comic book counterpart. The ab crunch alone will move forward and backward quite far, but there is some gapping at the extreme end of both poses. Nicely though, the paint deco and sculpting on the front continue upward as you bend him backward. The waist crunch, when coupled with the ab crunch looks sweet and makes me very happy with posability. There is no waist swivel, but the upper ab crunch does offer swivel and pivot/tilting options, which look really good when posed.

FINALLY SPIDEY CAN DO THE SPLITS!!! He features drop down legs at the thighs, which allow him to do a better than 90 degree split. This is the Spidey we’ve been wanting!!! Both legs will kick forward very well but not backward, he has an upper thigh cut/swivel, double jointed knees, boot cut rotation and ankle flexion forward and back along with a good ankle rocker.

This is, in my opinion, the best Marvel Legend Spider-Man to date. I was thrilled when he arrived and I’ve had so much fun posing him for pictures. Would he be better with wall crawling hands? Absolutely. Would that deter me from buying this figure? Absolutely NOT!

If you are a Spider-Man fan and are on the fence about getting this, at the sales point of about $20, I can without hesitation say… no toybox is complete without one!!! I highly recommend snagging one of these for your own toy box. He’s so well done and is the definitive Spider-Man Marvel Legend!!!

Thanks for reading, make sure to visit both Geekosity Mag and Dan’s ToyBox on YouTube. See you next time when we root through the toybox for the DC Essentials Knightfall Batman. Until then… GEEK OUT!


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