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Marvel Legends Review: Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends 6" Iron Man 2020

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back to Dan’s ToyBox! Let’s crack the lock and open the lid. Today’s toybox find is the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends 6 inch Iron Man 2020. Arno Stark isn’t the “Cool Exec with the Heart of Steel” like his distant cousin, Tony. Instead, after inheriting Stark Industries, Arno chose to use the mighty Iron Man armor as a hired mercenary. He was not above using it to commit corporate espionage in efforts to cripple his industrial competitors. 

I’ve freed Arno from his plastic prison and am pumped to share my views on Iron Man 2020. Let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

Sometimes you think a figure is going to fly off the shelves. In anticipation I headed to Walgreens Website and pre-ordered Iron Man 2020. Needless to say, after I received my copy I discovered that my local Walgreens had five (yes FIVE!) in stock. Oh well… win some, lose some. At least my shipping wasn’t outrageous.

Iron Man 2020 is built on the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Iron Man figure. He features a new head sculpt, belt, and chest overlay, with attached shoulder gears. The face sculpt is amazing, with the eyes painted to show pupils. The mouth sculpt has the gear/mesh teeth look that IM 2020 is famous for, giving him a fearsome visage. He comes with two pairs of fisted hands and two Repulsor Blasting hands with port holes for the blast accessories we’ve seen many times before. He also comes with new jet blasts and ground thruster effects that the jet blasts will fit in, to show either take off or landing. 

The red and gold paint scheme is immaculately laid on the figure. IM 2020’s red is a darker hue than his cousin Tony’s and the gold/yellow details are also deeper and less bright than their 80th anniversary counterpart. I like the idea of giving him darker hued armor, as befitting his less than heroic status. The gold chest overlay with shoulder gears features a red uni-beam that easily fits over the figures chest and doesn’t hinder articulation at the arms or ab crunch. His belt is also molded in yellow/gold and is softer material that won’t cause any problems with hip articulation or waist pivot either. I did see a tiny amount of marbling on the figure's helmet and back, but this actually gave it more of a metallic look in my eyes. The amount is so minuscule that it doesn’t detract at all from the look. Overall, the paint scheme is very impressive, the deep red looks gorgeous, and I’m very happy to have him standing next to my 80th anniversary IM.

Iron Man 2020 stands roughly  6 and ½ inches tall, by himself, and well over 10 inches when perched on the thrust effects..

Iron Man 2020’s articulation is standard for the Marvel Legends and does share the typical tight ankle joint/rocker that I’ve encountered many times before. His head turns side to side and has an excellent downward and upward looking range of motion. This makes for great flight displays, without having to utilize the back bend to the ab crunch. His arms raise out to his side at just about 90 degrees and his shoulders offer a full 360 degree rotation. Iron Man 2020 has a bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and wrist pivot, hinges on the fisted hands, and only a pivot on the repulsor blast hands. I would like to eventually see wrist hinges on the repulsor hands, allowing for more freedom of posing. He has a strong forward and backward ab crunch with very little gap issues at the extreme ends and a decent waist swivel that the belt doesn’t impede. His legs will do a roughly 90 degree split and will kick forward very well. He has an upper thigh cut/swivel, double jointed knees, ankle rotation and flexion forward and back along with a good ankle rocker.

I fell in love with this figure when I first laid eyes on it and am very, very happy to have it in my collection. The thruster effects can interlock, which helps to maintain its upright position. However, I have noticed a tendency for IM 2020 to lean because of this and have to be careful when posing him on them. In fact, it took me a good 2-3 minutes to get him to stand for the pictures I took for this article.

Ultimately, I am pleased to no end to have Iron Man 2020 in my collection.  At a sale point of about $20 and being a relatively easy in-store find, Iron Man 2020 makes a worthwhile addition  to YOUR own ToyBox!

Thanks for reading, make sure to visit Dan’s ToyBox on YouTube. See you next time when we root through the toybox to find the SH Figuarts Endgame Final Battle Captain America. Until then… GEEK OUT!


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