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Marvels Plans for Deadpool in the MCU

I wasn't planning on posting this until later this month, after our four-part YouTube crossover. But news cycles and leaks happen so quickly. I don't want to hype this too much.

From what I've been told, Deadpool will be handled like this in the MCU, which is what most fans have realistically hoped for. His solo movies will still be R-rated. The huge difference is that they'll be produced by Kevin Feige for Marvel Studios but released under the Fox banner. There was rage bait about Disney toning them down after the Fox acquisition, and I was, again, trying to calm people down.

When Deadpool appears in other heroes' MCU films, he is going to be PG-13. This is honestly completely in line with his comic-book appearances. It's like seeing the Punisher in a Spider-Man comic book without the blood then witnessing him in his gory glory in a MAX title from Garth Ennis.

All credit to Tim Vo and my colleague The Black Knight for breaking this on

Lords of The Long Box months ago. The current plan, which is always subject to change, was to have Deadpool make his MCU debut in a post-credit scene in *Black Widow *with Taskmaster. I helped with that report as well and can verify it.

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