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MCU Details: Johnny Storm & Frankie Raye

The man on fire is in love.

Johnny Storm has fallen for a new girl, a gorgeous redhead named Frankie Raye. One of the priorities for Marvel Studios when they debut the Fantastic Four into the MCU is to flesh out the characters in ways that Fox didn't do. And there are several decades of comic books that Marvel Studios will pull from. They're thinking of building up Raye as Johnny's dream girl; his Mary Jane, if you will. The Fantastic Four is still early in development but Raye is on their radar. After the Silver Surfer is introduced as the herald of Galactus, it is a job that Norrin Radd doesn't have for long. But who will take his place? And there lies the tragedy of Johnny's love for Raye as she becomes Galactus' new herald, just like she did in John Byrne's classic '80s FF comics. Raye appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but Marvel Studios wants to make her soar as a cosmic power, one that could provide a challenge for even Captain Marvel.

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