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MCU Discussing Adapting Parker Industries Story Arc

SCOOP - 12/18/19: In case you're wondering about the date, this is when this leak of mine hit YouTube on Pete's Basement during our scoop jam. Video posted below.

Peter Parker is a rich man. Possibly. There has been talk of adapting the Parker Industries scenario from the comic books to the silver screen. Love it or loathe it, it is a take on Parker that's never been shown in the movies before. Parker owning a billion-dollar tech company would have Parker following in the footsteps of his late mentor, Tony Stark. Kevin Feige loved how Doctor Octopus was handled in Sam Raimi's second Spider-Man film, and this provides a way of bringing the character fresh into the MCU. This most likely will NOT BE in Spider-Man 3, but it has been talked about for its creative and comedic potential.

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