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Moon Knight Series Details

To those of you who have been friends with me for years, the official announcement of *Moon Knight* as a TV series was no surprise. I reported that on my Facebook ages ago, and I was the first.

Let's get this out of the way: It should be obvious, being on Disney+, the series will definitely *not *be R-rated. I'm a tad puzzled by some fans disappointed in that because, having read the entire Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewicz iconic *Moon Knight *run of the early '80s (I bought every issue as they hit the stands), I never thought of MK as some kind of brutally violent hero a la the Punisher or Wolverine. But then I haven't kept much with MK as its hard to top Doug and Bill.

However, just because it's PG-13 doesn't mean MK will be watered down. *The Winter Soldier* was PG-13, and that was like a series of Manny punches in the gut sans the R. (Let's not forget all of Nolan's Bats were PG-13).

When I inquired about MK a few weeks ago, they still had no showrunner, no actor for MK. That may have changed since then.

What I do know: This is the MCU's version of the Dark Knight with weird mystical stuff. In other words, they are planning on showing Khonshu and delving into the freaky Egyptian aspects of the character. Given that it's on Disney+, this will receive the Feige red-carpet treatment. This will not be street-level Marvel Netflix with a Sundance movie budget. They want Moon Knight on buildings in his flowing cape and all. When MK was originally going to be on *Iron Fist* (replaced by Typhoid Mary with suspiciously MK-ish schizo behavior and dialogue), it was more focused on the ex-military and mercenary angle. Some of that will find its way here but let's turn and face the Strange.

Dr. Strange? More like Dormammu, who is being discussed to appear here in association with the villainous Bushman. Other bad guys and girls planned to appear are Morpheus and the Stained Glass Scarlet. As for the rumored Werewolf by Night, maybe, but I was first told he's all set to join the Spirits of Vengeance on Hulu. We shall see about that.

It's early. A showrunner can tweak a number of these things. And if you're still reluctant to see this because it's PG-13, he will wait until you give yourself to him


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