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'Mulan' Crashes in China

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

Disney's live-action Mulan has faced substantial controversy even before its release, but many believed the film's box-office chances in China were bulletproof. But, according to Deadline, the movie is DOA in the country where it was expected to be a juggernaut.

Mulan is only expected to earn $20 million in its opening weekend in China, a huge disappointment for Disney and a crushing blow to a movie sent to Disney+ stateside for an additional $29.99 fee because of COVID-19. Piracy is being blamed for taking a huge bite out of its take; however, ticketing platform Maoyan noted a mediocre audience score in China as well. Maoyan expects the movie to finish at around $40 million, a devastatingly low number to the $200 million production.


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