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Multiverse Might Play Limited Role in DC Films' Future

When Joker became a massive box-office smash without having any connections to Zack Snyder's DC films, Warner Bros. execs not only breathed a sigh of relief but high-fived themselves to the idea that there was no need for a "cinematic universe." Sure, Marvel Studios had banked billions and priceless fan goodwill for almost two dozen comic-book movies stitched together in tight continuity, but the results for DC had been hit-or-miss. Of course, none of them blamed themselves for the studio interference that crashed Dawn of Justice and smashed Justice League. They saw how Wonder Woman and Aquaman exploded cash registers without strict ties to Snyder's movies and now Joker became the Movie to See, free from any attachments.


Let's not be Kevin Feige and free 'em all.


It has basis in the comic books!

Yes, the fans will understand.

But The Rock and their new parent company, AT&T, didn't quite agree. The Rock was especially adamant on the DCEU being kept intact. A fan of Snyder's work on DC's movies and the idea of a cinematic universe as well, The Rock made his feelings known. He wanted his Black Adam to meet Henry Cavill's Superman. He wanted not just the Justice League but the Justice Society. He wanted to face Shazam! What's this standalone, Elseworlds bullshit?

According to my inside sources, the multiverse that the Flash movie will open up is not being planned to be an expanded format for DC movies going further, at least not as much as once expected. Aside from a Batman Beyond project that has everyone excited because of Michael Keaton's participation, I am told that the multiverse is being deemed too confusing in general, that AT&T wants to pursue a more linear path for the characters. Matt Reeves' Batman movies were approved for an Elseworlds treatment at the start, but apparently there is some disagreement at AT&T about that decision.

In fact, it was revealed to me that pressure is being planned on incorporating it as part of the DCEU and using the Flashpoint model to explain Ben Affleck to Robert Pattinson could be utilized. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, who reportedly doesn't like having a number of other superheroes in her movies, might have to welcome Justice League members in her third movie if the Snyder Cut blows up on HBO Max. Should DC Films finally press the button on a Crisis on Infinite Earths theatrical movie, fully expect those Snyder superheroes to be in the spotlight.

The DCEU is alive and well.

The multiverse, once proclaimed as the future of DC movies, might end up becoming a case of say hello, wave goodbye. Thank you to 3 Buck Theater for covering this scoop. Video below:


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