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No 'Constantine' for Film, No Keanu Reeves; Will Solo TV Show Return?

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John Constantine is going to Hell. It just depends on which Hell it is.

Recently the Internet was swirling with the buzz that Keanu Reeves was reprising his role as the enigmatic, chain-smoking Englishman. The 2005 Constantine has developed a minor cult following since its theatrical release initially polarized comicdom. Those who weren't familiar with the DC/Vertigo Comics character bought into Reeves' respectful portrayal despite the actor not being British or looking at all like Constantine, who originally debuted as a Sting homage in The Saga of the Swamp Thing No. 37 in 1985. However, a number of hardcore Hellblazer fans found the enterprise complete bollocks.

When the Welsh actor Matt Ryan donned the trench coat for Constantine on NBC in 2014, it was a rare case of superhero casting that felt like destiny fulfilled. Although short-lived, Ryan returned as the character for the CW after NBC cancelled the series, eventually becoming a supporting member of Legends of Tomorrow.

Since then, Ryan has solidified himself as Constantine. However, as Reeves' popularity reached new heights with the John Wick movies, he became attached in the click-bait rollercoaster to just about everything related to comic books. So the word began to fly that Reeves might return for a sequel or at least portray Constantine in J.J. Abrams' Justice League Dark for HBO Max.

Neither of which are apparently true. Warner Bros. isn't particularly confident in a cinematic sequel; in fact, Justice League Dark itself was banished from any silver-screen plans only for Abrams to nab it for streaming. Abrams wants a cast of his own, and Reeves would be needlessly expensive. Abrams' independent spirit wishes to start from scratch, leaving Ryan to Greg Berlanti and the CW.

The CW is looking for more horror; there is a void left by the passing of Supernatural this year. Ryan's Constantine has a built-in audience, and the multiverse would explain the different Constantines which would be via different networks and production companies. As Tim Vo (Lord's of the LongBox) scooped for me on 3 Men in a Basement recently, the CW is thinking about a Constantine solo TV series. While nothing has been greenlit yet, the likelihood of a Constantine program on the CW is looking brighter while Reeves' future with the character dims in the London fog.

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