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Nova to Debut in Captain Marvel 2, Main Villain Chosen

D23 was quiet about Captain Marvel 2, but the sequel to the $1 billion+ blockbuster is gradually taking shape. Apparently, the current plan is to have Veranke be the main villain in the film as it completely digs into Skrull Invasion territory. Since Spider-Woman's theatrical rights are owned by Sony, though, Veranke will not be utilizing her ID. It's quite possible that she could pose as Carol Danvers herself or another female superhero. Development is still early.

But to many Marvel Comics fans, that might not be the most exciting part. Marvel Studios is planning on having Richard Rider, the Human Rocket known as Nova, make his feature-film debut here. Will they stick to it? Chances are quite likely as the movie presents a massive opportunity to introduce a new and cosmic MCU superhero. For the rest of the story, tune in to Tim Vo on YouTube for "Lords of the Longbox" live at 6 p.m. PST tonight. (Update: Video below)

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