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Official: HBO Max Has Recruited Its Green Lanterns

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No evil shall escape their sight.

Warner Bros. has officially announced the main characters of the initial ten episodes of the live-action Green Lantern series on HBO Max. Simon Baz, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog, and Alan Scott will be the focus of the show at first with Sinestro appearing as well.

I'm told that this will be like a cross between DC Comics' Tales of the Green Lantern Corps and TV's Heroes in terms of format. As of publication, the series has no title yet or one that has been publicly revealed. No casting at the moment. Production is tentatively scheduled to start mid-2021 so most likely the series won't debut until 2022.

Produced by Greg Berlanti, Seth Grahame-Smith of The Lego Batman Movie has been selected as showrunner.

Hal Jordan wasn't included in WB's PR; however, that doesn't mean he won't be on the show. Berlanti is a successful world-builder for the CW's Arrowverse, and sources tell me that Jordan is a character they will lead up to. After all, Sinestro is Jordan's arch enemy; it's like having a DC superhero movie with the Joker but minus Batman. Stewart is being seriously developed for the DCEU so that might be why he's unlisted.

I originally scooped Baz, Gardner, Kilowogg, and Scott on the Lords of the Longbox channel on October 30, 2019. Details here:

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