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Power Rangers/Transformer Film in Talks at Hasbro

The Power Rangers aimed for MCU heights in 2017 but despite having a likeable, promising cast, the film quickly flamed out at the box office. With such a disappointing performance, there was no way the movie would proceed with a sequel so a reboot was in order.

Hasbro still has dreams of weaving together its properties into a single, cohesive cinematic universe, and they would love for the Power Rangers to be a significant part of it. According to insiders I spoke to, there are talks of the Power Rangers co-existing in the same universe as the Transformers. No, this wouldn't be Michael Bay's Transformers but the post-Bumblebee vision.

A Power Rangers/Transformers film could certainly ignite the franchise, if done correctly. Then add ROM and the Micronauts to the mix, and you have the ultimate geek fest. But it all depends on Hasbro and Paramount Pictures, what their creative teams can conjure up.

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