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'Regie Collects' Delivers Friendly Neighborhood Warmth and Positivity to YouTube

Written by Mikey Sutton • Editor in Chief • Owner

The channel may be about what Regie Collects, but it's Regie Simmons' hearty smile and unwavering positivity that lifts the spirit in these quarantined times.

I began watching Regie Collects a few years ago after a life-threatening stroke. Struggling with PTSD and still recovering mentally and physically  from a cerebral bleed that left me unable to walk or write for months, I searched for quick entertainment that would elevate my dark moods. Simmons' infectious laughter, friendly warmth, and boyish enthusiasm for comics made Regie Collects an instant go-to channel on YouTube. I had witnessed a number of YouTube shows with inane screaming and ceaseless moaning; it's almost like they just wanted to vomit their personal angst on camera, using comic-book media as a punching bag to represent their private frustrations.

So it's not surprising then that Spider-Man is Simmons' favorite superhero. When the words "friendly neighborhood" are uttered now, Simmons comes to mind as much as Peter Parker. Imagine Mister Rogers if he was black and ripped. Simmons is also a bodybuilder, which is probably why he is so energetic and happy on camera. I've known several bodybuilders in my life, and you need to be incredibly optimistic to tolerate diets and exercise routines as challenging as that.

Uh, Mikey, is this a scoop?

Simmons has dubbed his viewers "comic swoldiers," and watching them on live chat it's clear that a brotherhood has evolved here, proof that virtual friendships can exist even without Queen Corona. They are bound by their mutual affection for comic books, the Gibbon, and good times.

In a sick world, this is the kind of medicine we all need.

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