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Report: Henry Cavill Signs New Superman Deal

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With Ben Affleck donning the cowl again as Batman in The Flash film, there is new evidence that falls in line with my previous scoops of Warner Bros. reuniting the Justice League.

And, for one member, it is potentially long-term.

According to a report from The Cultured Nerd, Henry Cavill has signed a new contract as the Man of Steel for DC Films. TCN's Marcus Panem wrote that, "Sources close to both TCN and DCUNews have confirmed Henry Cavill has signed a new deal to reprise his role as Superman in future DC films." Panem added that "after the Release the Snyder Cut movement gained traction, interest in Cavill’s depiction of the character has been rekindled, and a pitch made by Cavill himself has sealed the deal for his return to the red cape...The pitch was widely praised and has led to the official confirmation of his new contract for more appearances as Superman. Ours and DCUNews’ sources have stated that the contract includes 3 films for Cavill’s pitch and options for future cameos in other future DC films, for a total of 5-6 movies."

I have confirmed this as accurate with my own insiders as well. Certainly, this adds a larger puzzle piece with my previous scoops on Cavill and the Justice League returning in The Flash movie (as well as Cavill in the Shazam! sequel, which I initially leaked way back on March 3. Henry Cavill delivering a pitch shouldn't be a surprise given his affection for the character. It's currently unknown what Cavill's story idea is; however, keep in mind he is a huge fan of Red Son, which I revealed was being discussed at WB on July 4 during our multi-channel scoop jam on the 3 Buck Theater YouTube channel.

Then during DCFanDome, Walter Hamada, President of Warner Bros. Pictures, touched upon where they're at with films based on Elseworlds. Like Red Son. (Via Screen Rant)

Earlier today, during DC FanDome, it was revealed that DC currently isn't working on a

Superman: Red Son movie. While answering fan questions during the DC multiverse

segment of FanDome, President of DC Films Walter Hamada shed some light on

Elseworlds stories and Red Son. The question was, "Will we get more multiverse

movies, or even Elseworlds movies like Superman: Red Son?" Hamada response can be

read below:

"I think yea, the possibility is there. If we come across the right filmmaker with the right story, and it doesn't work within our existing timeline, and it would work as an Elseworld, we can definitely explore it. I can say we're not currently developing Red Son, that isn't one of them. But that's the beauty of multiverses. We can explore it, we can go down the road and take a shot at it."

While this doesn't offer any hints of that, it does show Hamada views it as a potential possibility with the, ahem, right pitch.

Cavill knows his Superman comics so it's entirely realistic that he impressed executives with his vision.

Certainly there will be much more news to come, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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