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Report: Is Keanu Reeves Really Considered for Moon Knight?

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Keanu Reeves might need to clone himself to fulfill all the comic-book roles he's been rumored for.

From Eternals to a Constantine sequel, Reeves is probably the most scooped and speculated actor for comics films. The latest gossip is that Reeves is being seriously considered for Moon Knight on Disney+. Moon Knight is one of Marvel Comics' darkest superheroes; he is afflicted with multiple personalities. It's a character that needs an actor who is not only physically tough but able to capture his freakish quirks. To summarize, imagine a schizophrenic Batman. Reeves certainly has the mind and muscles to capture Moon Knight in his enigmatic, brutal glory.

My colleague The Black Knight was actually the first to scoop Reeves as Moon Knight on the Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel on May 2019. Unfortunately, YouTube, for reasons still unknown, yanked Lords not long thereafter; however, host/creator Tim Vo saved the audio as a time stamp and it's linked below.

Many people have asked me: Is it true?

It was accurate when The Black Knight leaked it more than a year ago, and Marvel Studios does want Reeves for him. He hasn't signed yet, though, and I don't know how far they are in discussions. I was told there weren't active talks with Reeves in the spring, but Marvel Studios has been speeding up development on its TV programs since then.

Listen to audio from May 2019:


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