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Report: Michael B. Jordan Rumored To Be New 'Scarface'

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Say hello to Michael B. Jordan's little friend.

The Black Panther star is being rumored to land the lead role in Scarface, the reboot of Brian De Palma's 1983 gangster classic. Per Newsweek, the movie will be directed by Luca Guadagnino of Call Me by Your Name fame. The Coen brothers are writing the screenplay.

Throughout the decades Scarface became an icon in hip-hop culture, especially among gangsta rappers, in the same way Blade Runner is in the nerd Hall of Fame. Both films received negative reviews upon their initial theatrical release in the early '80s but generated a huge cult following on home video. I saw Scarface at the cinema in 1983, and I'll never forget how uneasy the audience, mostly men in the Air Force, responded to the movie's graphic violence and foul language. Back then, theaters were loud, and ticket buyers were not afraid to make their emotions known. Scarface, for all of its excitement, seemed to have left them numb. Critics mostly despised it, claiming it was inferior to Howard Hawks' 1932 original. I see the strong potential of an Oscar for Jordan in this, which I felt Al Pacino should have gotten but he wasn't even nominated.

Source: NewsWeek


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