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Report: Ryan Reynolds Preparing Green Lantern Announcement?

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Ah, 2020. It has been a weird year. I think we can all agree on that. But even in a year as absolutely nuts as this, like off-the-chain mondo bizarro, I can't picture Ryan Reynolds returning as Green Lantern.


I've confessed my enjoyment of Green Lantern publicly before; in fact, I saw it several times in the theater. For all of its flaws, it is a likeable, fun picture. But it was a torpedo on Reynolds' career which found new life and its biggest success with the Deadpool franchise.

Yet YouTuber Grace Randolph is again teasing Reynolds appearing in Zack Snyder's Justice League - or The Snyder Cut, if you prefer (I do). Randolph is claiming that a Reynolds headline is imminent, one in which we assume he'll reveal going green again. Trying to imagine Reynolds in this dark epic is exhausting my imagination.

However, it's 2020.

Maybe he agreed to it.

Anything can happen.

I asked my sources a few weeks ago about such a scenario, and they either ignored or laughed at me. I could tell you to take this with a grain of salt but that would be an understatement. Go full-on sodium overload.

It's 2020, I remind myself.

Sure, let the dominoes roll.

The only green DC character I can visualize Reynolds playing now, post-Deadpool, would be Ambush Bug.

And it's 2020.

That could happen, too.

Source: Beyond The Trailer


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