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Report: Stephanie Beatriz In Consideration for Female Ghost Rider

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The Midnight Sons might include a female.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, actress Stephanie Beatriz is in consideration to play a female Ghost Rider, possibly Alejandra Jones. Liana Keane reports that Beatriz, best known for her work on TV's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has been on Marvel Studios' radar after being "one of the contenders to play She-Hulk," who ended up being Tatiana Maslany. Back in February 2020, I reported on the Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel that Marvel Studios was considering Jones to be the Ghost Rider in the Blade reboot so this falls in line with that intel. The Showbiz Cheat Sheet would later cover my scoop (original links below).

I would later hear that it is the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider which Marvel Studios intends to use in Blade. It's possibly the two of them with Blaze being a mentor figure for Jones. "We’re likely going to end up with more than one rider," GFR explained. It would certainly be the best of both worlds for fans and in line with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's respect for the past while acknowledging diversity and a younger audience.

Source: GiantFreakinRobot

Original report: CheatSheet

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