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Report: 'The Snyder Cut' Mostly Unseen Footage; Darkseid Coming

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The Snyder Cut will have little resemblance to the Joss Whedon-ized version of Justice League released in theaters in 2017.

According to Edward Lauder at Small Screen, The Snyder Cut will reveal a substantial amount of what fans have yet to view. Lauder explained that the four-part HBO Max miniseries will "consist mostly of never-before-seen footage."

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Lauder's report is consistent with what I had been hearing from my own sources, too, that The Snyder Cut will have a different tempo, reflecting additional scenes meant to provide character depth. It won't feel like a film but rather a graphic novel with the story unfolding more slowly.

The Snyder Cut is going to play to director Zack Snyder's strengths. Snyder's vision is often limited by enforced theatrical running times by movie studios. Not so here.

Darkseid's appearance in The Snyder Cut will set up a larger, even more ambitious sequel, which Lauder previously revealed is also being developed for HBO Max.

Source: Small Screen

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