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Report: Tom Hardy is the Next James Bond

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From Bane to Bond.

Tom Hardy is apparently adding another genre icon to his résumé. The Vulcan Reporter has revealed that Hardy will be the successor to Daniel Craig, whose upcoming No Time to Die will be his final as 007.

Emre Kaya writes that

"while Tom Hardy was expected to be announced as the new Bond in November, this does not seem to be the case anymore due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, I anticipate the announcement to come out this year all the same."

I deliberated for hours whether to run this or not since I wasn't familiar with The Vulcan Reporter. Furthermore, I had been hearing for months that Henry Cavill had the best chance of being Bond. However, that became doubtful with his return as Superman. But one of my U.K. sources verified this rumor and now I'm sold.


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