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Report: 'Wonder Woman 1984' Might See HBO Max Release in January

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The clock is ticking on Wonder Woman 1984.

With the global pandemic raging throughout the globe, hitting lethal records in the U.S., Warner Bros. is contemplating two options for the movie. One is to keep its December 25th theatrical release but then toss it to HBO Max in January. The other is to postpone it until summer 2021 for the big screen.

With a vast shutdown likely in the near future, a decision has to be made soon. According to Variety:

"A cursory theatrical release could still support exhibitors on the knife’s edge of collapse, while also boosting subscriber growth for HBO Max, which has struggled to build an audience large enough to compete against Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Plus."

If Warner Bros. does choose to push it back to summer 2021, Variety added that June would be likely.

Source: Variety


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