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Review: Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks in the Road (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

The best way to listen to an album is to go in with no expectations.

Some call it objectivity.

Some call it listening with an open mind and open ears.

Alanis Morissette’s past efforts stay with you, leaving its mark often times indelibly.

I remember the first time I heard Jagged Little Pill. Like many of my peers, I was blown away. Not because it was something you file under Groundbreaking Musical Event like many others who came out before her, but because of two things: shock value and the temper of the times.

Alanis Morissette came at a time when Grunge (geez, I hate that term) was the in thing. She was angsty. She was caustic. She was all piss and vinegar and was the accessible alternative. Music for the would-be Karens who wanted to rock, but were afraid to be labelled grunge.

It’s been eight years since her last album Havoc And Bright Lights and this one 2020’s Such Pretty Forks In The Road is her latest, her ninth overall.

I must admit the last album I listened to was Under Rug Swept and I haven’t heard anything from her since. Not a peep. After hearing her latest, it seems I really haven’t missed much.

Time seems to have healed Morissette’s wounds. Some of them, at least.

Alanis was a girl with issues who was clearly not having a good day... week... month... year... life. Her catharsis now appears to have purged her angry streak and pent-up emotions. What remains is a middle-aged insomniac coming to terms with (her) midlife crisis.

Listening to Pretty Forks is like watching a soap opera. Lots of drama with no real fireworks. There’s no oomph in this album, nothing you oughta know nor blog about online. The only noteworthy song (for me) is The Reason I Drink. Which is the only reason to listen to this album.


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