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Review: Biffy Clyro - A Celebration of Endings (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

Get beyond the band’s name already, why don’tcha?

When I first heard the name, I thought it was a rapper.

Much like decades ago when I was a kid in school, I asked a school mate

“Who’s Pink Floyd?” “It’s not a person, it’s a band” he answered.

Some stunning facts I discovered about the band. A Celebration of Endings is already their ninth album. Nine albums? Where have I been? This latest offering is exceptional. I am taking this in as a stand alone, meaning this is the first time I’m hearing the band. Ever. I’m loving what I’m hearing so far.

The Scottish power trio is modern progressive rock with a tinge of pop sensibility.

Part Rush chops and part Yes vocal harmonies but style-wise, it's all Biffy Clyro.

The sound mix is amazingly pristine, crystal clear with the right amount of modern music distortion which is the norm for that modern rock sound. Loud but clean.

Simon Neil (vocals, guitar, piano), James Johnston (bass, synth, vocals) and

Ben Johnston (drums, vocals) sound like they put in a lot of work into Celebration. Indeed it is a celebration of hook laden tunes and well polished musicianship. Noteworthy cuts are the catchy Tiny Indoor Fireworks, The Champ (“You are the source...”) and Weird Leisure.

The album is well balanced between the frenetically fast tunes, the midtempo rockers and the slower tunes. I’ve always been a sucker for unrequited love songs, so I’d say my fave is “Space.”

A Celebration Of Endings emotion-wise is no cause for rejoicing. But, give Biffy Clayro three cheers for an excellent album.


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