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Review: Deep Purple Whoosh! (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

Who's still listening to Deep Purple in 2020?

It's a typical comment seen on classic rock posts on Youtube.

How many bands can actually boast that they've released 21 albums in the span of a nearly fifty year musical career.. and are still recording in 2020?

Deep Purple can.

One of the original hard rock purveyors from the 70’s is still alive and kicking. The Mark VII lineup of Ian Gillan (vocals), Steve Morse (guitars), Roger Glover (bass) and Ian Paice (drums) however is retained with keyboardist Don Airey backing them. Bob Ezrin, who produced their last two albums, is back in the producer’s chair. With the release of Whoosh!, the question remains.. can Deep Purple still rock?

Marked differences are the polished production, the calculated playing and.. backup singers? Gone are the Ian Gillan vocal calisthenics of old and even the fiery Ian Paice plays controlled foundation laying drumwork with sporadic bursts of genius drum fills here and there.

Clearly, the case is indisputable; if you're expecting to hear DP's breakneck steamrolling fireball tunes, then prepare to be disappointed. Gravely disappointed. Without getting too ahead of ourselves, Whoosh is a far cry from the Purp of old. It is safe to say that their sound has, shall we say, matured.

Snatches of their former selves shine through though (The Long Way Round) with some tracks offering some bluesy romp (What The What) but everything else is cold, lacking that heated rock n' roll fever of old.

Sadly, it’s Senior Citizen rock.


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